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Our Services
Essex Private provides a comprehensive set of wealth management services. Our focus is putting together a solid long-term financial plan that meets a client’s risk tolerance, income needs, time horizons, and investment objectives. Once a path has been determined for the client’s goals, the ongoing work involves investing client assets to achieve those goals. We work alongside the client’s existing advisors (tax accountants, estate attorneys) or can identify issues and make referrals to professionals who can assist.
Essex Private Wealth Management builds client relationships based on trust, experienced professional advice, continual communication, and prompt personal service. To reach our clients’ goals, we adhere to a simple a few simple philosophies. 

Our customers come first, we strive to take exceptional care of our customers via superior service and quality. We understand each of our customer’s current financial conditions, risk tolerance and goals.

At our very first meeting, we educate the clients on their investment strategies and approaches and make the client an active participant in his/her own financial success. The earlier a person invests, the better chance of achieving long-term financial goals.  

We provide objective advice. Our fiduciary model allows Essex Private to put the client’s goals first. We use an investment management team approach supported by unbiased, independent, proprietary research to help guide our decision making. The end-result is a cost-effective strategy to help clients grow their portfolios.

Our investment strategies are tactical, yet simple and easy to understand. We explain to clients our approach to achieving their goals. Clients have online, immediate access to their accounts through their client portal; we also provide quarterly newsletters describing the market fluctuations of the previous quarter.

We are accessible.  Clients work one-on-one with a personal investment advisor. We manage clients’ portfolios specifically to address their situations and personal financial goals.
Financial and Retirement Planning
We work with our clients to meet their short-term and long-term financial requirements whether they include purchasing a home, educational costs or planning for retirement. We will make a careful analysis of a customer’s current and future cash flow needs. Our analysis for retired clients, or those nearing retirement, guides their financial and investment goals and provides peace of mind.
Portfolio and Investment Management 
Essex Private uses economic, technical and quantitative analysis to help us make well informed decisions about where our client portfolios can be best strategically allocated. We focus both domestically and abroad looking to identify which areas of the market are most favorable to guide our investment strategy.

Six important concepts:
  • Have a Plan: A documented plan forces forethought and commitment to priorities.
  • Be Disciplined: Stick to the plan and avoid the daily noise of the financial markets.
  • Diversify: Use different asset classes to reduce risk and increase returns.
  • Manage Risk: Take profits in positions along the way and sell to minimize losses.
  • Manage Costs: Minimize the huge drag of taxes and keep portfolio expenses low.
All of the portfolios we manage are based on those key themes to increase the potential for most stable long-term returns.
Education Planning  
We work with clients to help develop a realistic estimate of educational costs, and then develop an investment program that helps clients meet those costs. There are a number of different options that many help in education planning, including 529 plans.

Estate and Trust Planning 
We work with individuals and families in addressing their specific needs and goals.

Charitable Giving
Clients who are serious about championing the cause of an important charity need an investment portfolio managed specifically for charitable-giving purposes. We work with clients to develop the most appropriate program to help them achieve their objectives while also maximizing tax benefits.
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